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Dogo-cy was initially set up by a group of students from the Junior & Senior School in 2020 as part of the Cyprus Junior Achievement Entrepreneurial competition. Their idea was to develop the first online dog adoption platform in Cyprus. Due to the success of DOGO during the competition the student team agreed to hand over the website to Nicosia Dog Shelter (NDS) and its volunteers in order to continue this good work.

NDS is committed to raising funds for dogs with special medical needs. We aim to support dogs by covering high or on-going medical bills for specific treatments or chronic and serious diseases. Our project aims to help dogs receive the necessary medical care to improve their health and quality of life. We believe that every dog deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life, and we are dedicated to making that a reality through our fundraising efforts.

Virtual adoption:


You can also view all of our dogs that are available for adoption on the Dogo website. With a direct link to the adoption application form, it's now easier than ever to find your new best friend.

Available for adoption:

Saving Souls Animal Rescue – a UK based rescue team - supports NDS with rehoming dogs to loving homes in the UK.


We will be launching a new project, creating fundraisers of dogs that have been at the shelter the longest to fly them to foster homes in the UK to increase their chance of finding a permanent home. The fundraisers will cover the costs of vet expenses and hopefully their flight and transportation. This project not only will saves the lives of dogs who have been in shelters for a long time, but also helps to alleviate the overcrowding. Support us in this mission to give these dogs a chance at a better life.


The Dogo Founders

The Junior & Senior School student company set up as part of the Junior Achievement Program Entrepreneurial competition.

The founding team:

Harry Dikaios

Alex Hadjinikolaou

Charalambos Koukoularides

Andreas Alexandrides

Enzo Iacovou

Constantinos Christou

Lionel Siaban

"Our aim is a world where dogs who cannot be adopted from a shelter continue to receive the care and love they need. To achieve this, the dog shelters who work so hard to do this, need support. We hope that our platform can help to support the Nicosia Dog Shelter to continue doing the amazing work they do, through your donations. In return, you can know that your contribution is helping both the dogs and the dog shelter receive your support. Plus, you get to feel like you are making an ongoing difference to the life of a dog."


The founding DOGO Team, May 2020

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