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If you see a pooch you want to rehome, please download the application form and return it to 

If you do not live in Cyprus or the UK, please contact us to discuss the adoption process and costs.


Mira 348855015_650201067133970_2869215820944407845_n.jpg

Date of birth: 2022

Size: Small

Dogs: Okay

Cats: Okay

This beautiful young lady is Mira. She is one year old and small in size.

Mira is very cute, playful and energetic and at the same time cuddly and loving.

She likes children and gets along well with cats.


Daphne DSC04841.JPG

Date of birth: 31/01/2016

Size: Large

Dogs: Okay

Cats: Not okay

Sweet Daphne was found as a stray, probably abandoned after “serving her purpose” as a hunting dog.

She is a stunning pointer lady, medium to large-sized (currently 30 kg), and around 7 years old but with a heart of a puppy.

She loves her walks, in fact she is a strong girl, and likes getting attention from everyone.

Daphne is good with children and other dogs but not with cats.

Unfortunately she has tested positive for leishmania but has undergone the treatment required.

Her full blood biochemistry is equally good as that of a healthy dog so it's likely she's not been positive for long .

She can still live a happy healthy life by taking daily an inexpensive tablet.


Pampa DSC04912.JPG

Date of birth: 07/03/2020

Size: Medium-Large

Dogs: Okay

Cats: Not okay

This is Pampa, the mum of the 7 puppies that were found in the buffer zone.

She is a GSD cross, around 3 years old and medium to large sized (currently 23kg). She is a friendly girl who enjoys her walks and human company, is good with other dogs but not good with cats.


Luna DSC07991.JPG

Date of birth: 10/01/2022

Size: Large

Dogs: Okay

Cats: Not tested yet

Luna is a lovely pointer cross girl, large in size (currently 28kg) with medium-high energy levels. She was living in a home before coming to us but unfortunately her owner had to leave the country, unable to take her with him. As you can imagine she is extremely stressed at the shelter and desperately needs a home to call her own.

She loves to play, loves her humans and is generally good with other dogs. We feel she needs an active family to take that puppy energy out.


Layla DSC06741.JPG

Date of birth: 13/03/2021

Size: Medium

Dogs: Okay

Cats: Not okay


Layla is around 2 years old, medium sized (currently 17kg) with medium energy levels. 
She is gentle and very clever, loves her walks, enjoys human company and is good with other dogs but no with cats.


Matina DSC02582.JPG

Days at the shelter: 450

Date of birth: 10/11/2019

Size: Medium

Dogs: Not good with dominant females

Cats: Not okay

This gorgeous girl is 3.5 years old, medium-sized girl and a very strong one (currently 22kg), with high energy levels. She loves to go on longer walks so a family with a more active lifestyle will suit her best.

She is also good around children. Matina is not good with cats, she is good with other dogs but not so good with other dominant females.


Layla DSC06690.JPG

Date of birth: 13/03/2020

Size: Medium

Dogs: Okay

Cats: Not tested yet


Gorgeous Cherry is around 3 years old, medium sized (currently 20kg) with medium energy levels. She is a very clever girl and easy to train!
Cherry is very people oriented and loves human company more than anything. She is good with other dogs..

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Thanks for your interest in DOGO and especially adopting one of our dogs! If you wish to discuss about the suitability of one of our dogs, please send us the details and we will contact you to discuss.

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