Update: It has been a while since we gave you an update on our beautiful babies. As you may remember we had 7 puppies at the vets’ that were doing very poorly due to the Parvo disease they had caught. Two of them sadly did not make it but the rest did, and they are doing so well now.We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you wonderful people that supported us by donating towards their sky high vet expenses (attaching bill).

These are our beautiful warriors that managed to fight against the illness and survive.


Story: About a month ago we were asked to help a mom with her pups that were living in horrible conditions and would have died if they had stayed where they were. We agreed to bring them in and the day before they came one of the two pups died. Little did we know by then that this was caused by a deadly disease for puppies called Parvo. So the mom comes in with the puppy and soon the second pup gets ill and got transferred to our vet. Sadly he did not make it. Even more sadly the disease spread to the other four puppies that were brought in during the same time and they were all taken to the vet. A few days ago, one of the four died.


We are heart broken and sad beyond words. We are praying for the rest to make it as they don’t look so good themselves. Having 5 puppies in the clinic with this deadly disease and for so long has brought the vet bill to sky high levels. We kindly ask if you could help us once more by virtually adopting the pups and we thank you in advance for always being there for us.


    You will get:

    -  a digital certificate of our virtual adoption by you, valid for a month

    - perhaps a chance to visit us at the Dog shelter!


    If you don't have a PayPal account and still want to adopt a dog, please email us at ndsadoptions@gmail.com and we can discuss an alternative method of payment.