Update: It's with a very heavy heart that we have to share some sad, sad news with you. Two of our very special boys, Alfie and Bruno have crossed over the rainbow bridge in these past few days... Alfie who was found in a tragic condition with severe arthritis and leishmania, was lucky enough to have known, even for almost only a year, the love of a warm home and the devotion of an amazing person who took her under her wings. With your precious help, we were able to give Alfie a forever home and the best medical care that was so much needed and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that...


We are heart broken but as sad as these news may be, we still have to keep going for all of our lovely dogs and for all the new ones to come. They will always live in our hearts and will be remembered with so much love. We thank every one of you for helping us to continue fighting for those who most need it.



Alfie is a senior dog of 10 years old who was found dumped by the side if a busy road.


He could barely stand on his feet. We brought him at the shelter and he had all the exams needed and vet care. He is positive to Leishmania, deaf in one ear (vet had to operate and remove his hearing nerve as it was so infected it was causing him crucial pain). He has also severe bone dysplasia and is taking a monthly injection to ease the pain along with his Leishmania meds.


Alfie was lucky enough to find a wonderful foster home in the UK, and is now sleeping on a soft bed and has all the love in the world. Because of his age and medical needs, we as shelter, are paying for all his vet expenses which are extremely high. We along with his loving fosterer, are trying to give him the best care and the life he never had. If you could help us with the expenses we are facing every month for Alfie it would be much appreciated.


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