Update: It's with a very heavy heart that we have to share some sad, sad news with you. Two of our very special boys, Alfie and Bruno have crossed over the rainbow bridge in these past few days... 


Bruno died in the shelter but at least he was not alone, his best friend Daizy was with him. Bruno was one of our oldest residents and we really feel so awkward going to the shelter and not seeing him there waiting for us and for his beloved snacks. He was with us for many years and even though we really wished for a home for him, the shelter was his home and we were his family. With your help we were able to buy his heart medication and all necessary frequent visits to the vet and we are very grateful to all of you for that. We are heart broken but as sad as these news may be, we still have to keep going for all of our lovely dogs and for all the new ones to come. They will always live in our hearts and will be remembered with so much love. We thank every one of you for helping us to continue fighting for those who most need it.



BRUNO was the oldest resident at the shelter, at about 13 years old.


About a year ago he got really sick and we all thought he would not make it without ever knowing the love and warmth of a home.


He had a heart problem and needed to be on medication for the rest of his life. But other than that, he was running like a puppy, playing under the sun and enjoying his long walks. He was a very gentle and loving dog, calm and obedient, he loved cuddles and everyone who met him adored him.


Your donations helped pay some of his medical bills.


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