BRUNO is the oldest resident  at the Nicosia Dog shelter, at about 13 years old.


About a year ago he got really sick and we all thought he would not make it without ever knowing the love and warmth of a home.


He has a heart problem and needs to be on medication for the rest of his life. But other than that, he is running like a puppy, playing under the sun and enjoying his long walks. He is a very gentle and loving dog, calm and obedient, he loves cuddles and everyone who meets him adores him.


Your donation will help pay towards some of his medical bills.


If you'd like to contribute more than €10 for my support, please increase the item quantity at checkout once you've clicked "Vistually adopt (PAYPAL)". Thank you!


If you would like to physically adopt Bruno and give him a real home, pls contact the Nicosia Dog Shelter directly. 


    - a digital badge of me you can share on your social media

    - a digital certificate of my virtual adoption by you, valid for a month

    - perhaps a chance to visit me at the Dog shelter and take me for a walk!



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    If you dont have a PAYPAL account and still want to adopt a dog, please email us at and we can discuss an alternative method of payment.