Daisy is the Nicosia Dog Shelter's granny.

She is around 10 years old, went to the shelter as a puppy and never left.

Originally she had some aggression issues due to her fear of humans but this has faded out through the years.


Unfortunately this fact has made her adoption difficult. Daisy is a happy lady who loves to walk and adores cuddles once she gets to trust you. She will follow you everywhere like a shadow if she likes you... a very special dog who deserves to spend the last of her years in the warmth of a loving home.


Your donation will help keep her safe.


If you'd like to contribute more than €10 for my support, please increase the item quantity at checkout once you've clicked "Vistually adopt (PAYPAL)". Thank you!


If you would like to physically adopt Daisy and give her a real home, pls contact the Nicosia Dog Shelter directly. 


    You will get:

    - a digital badge of me you can share on your social media

    - a digital certificate of my virtual adoption by you, valid for a month

    - perhaps a chance to visit me at the Dog shelter and take me for a walk!



    Please note PAYPAL payments are processed by Navajo Media Ltd (our competition mentor company).


    If you dont have a PAYPAL account and still want to adopt a dog, please email us at info@dogo-cy.com and we can discuss an alternative method of payment.