Marvel is an American staff cross and is 3 years old.


Marvel was literally thrown out of a moving car. An animal lover witnessed the incident and collected him and took him to the Nicosia Dog shelter.


He has been there for the last 2 years. He is a strong and smart boy, a quick learner with a firm character. He enjoys his walks and loves human company but he is not so good around other dogs. He needs an experienced and responsible owner. Marvel really deserves a second chance in life.


If you cannot physically adopt him, your donation will help keep him safe and in a loving shelter.


If you'd like to contribute more than €10 for my support, please increase the item quantity at checkout once you've clicked "Vistually adopt (PAYPAL)". Thank you!


If you would like to physically adopt Marvel and give him a real home, pls contact the Nicosia Dog Shelter directly. 


    You will get:

    - a digital badge of me you can share on your social media

    - a digital certificate of my virtual adoption by you, valid for a month

    - perhaps a chance to visit me at the Dog shelter and take me for a walk!


    Please note PAYPAL payments are processed by Navajo Media Ltd (our competition mentor company).


    If you dont have a PAYPAL account and still want to adopt a dog, please email us at and we can discuss an alternative method of payment.