3rd Update:

Our gorgeous boy is now under the care of our lovely friend Garcia who opened her heart and home in order to foster Rufus and help him recover. She is also a healer and so is able to help even more this tormented soul.

We thank her and all of you wonderful people who have helped us pay his bill at the vet, we are immensely grateful to each and every one of you!!!


2nd Update:

Our boy is making a great progress and is ready to leave the clinic and go to a foster home where he will continue his treatments. He is now on Milteforan to treat his leishmania, on antibiotics and other treatments for his ears and eyes. He has had several blood tests and was given specialized food to gain weight. All this has elevated his expenses to almost €1,000!

We would be very grateful if you could help us, even with the smallest amount, to cover this high cost. The final bill and receipt will be added later on these days to this post.

Once again, we thank you for caring and for being there for our babies. Lovely Rufus is saying thank you too


1st Update:

Rufus has started to eat a little at a time and has gained one kilo in just a few days…  he can now walk even though he is not stable. His blood tests show some improvement and he is slowly slowly making a little progress. Everything crossed for this boy, we really want to see him blossom and find the love and home he deserves after all he has been through.


Story: When we say it never ends this is what we mean. Only a few days ago we lost that poor dog that was found in the buffer zone in tragic condition…and now this….another broken soul found in the same area and rushed to the vet. Severely anemic and malnourished, positive to erlichia and leishmania, can hardly eat or stand on his feet.

There is so much cruelty and neglect around us, every new case seems worse than the previous and we wonder if this will ever end.


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    You will get:

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